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    Purely from the price to compare different lace products, you basically can not reflect my values, and Lai Ying Leisi the more reluctant to cut corners, shoddy done on the price of the article. Moment, our manufacturing equipment used in all of Germany Mayer Jacquard computer machine, belonging to the world's top manufacturing equipment, in the peer lace production enterprises, the extensive use of domestic equipment in the process, Li Ying Leisi always adhere to the good equipment is the basic guarantee of a good product. This alone, similar domestic producers can not be compared with us.

    As early as 2006, we introduced the German Karl Mayer lace production equipment, so that the Li Ying Leisi quality domestic standing proudly warlords, and since then we have been for many years to get the client's praise. At the same time, due to the quality improvement and stability, our sales continued to rise. Now Yinglei Si-li of the high-end brands do customized services, adhere to the personalized design, personalized quantify the production, personalized service to meet customers' individual needs and diversity. Yinglei Si-li of the strict compliance with industry ethics, perfect to do personalized design confidentiality, in various aspects of the control, the closure plate of the product is absolutely not compromised.


    The future, we will introduce more advanced German lace production technology, more focused and innovative top design and materials to enhance the taste and quality in all aspects of lace fabric, lace to the level with the simultaneous development of the world.
    This time we can look forward to successful cooperation, I believe you have no regrets or fool felt cheated, Lai's Yinglei Si is your trusted partner!