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    Custom clothing broadly divided into three types: simple custom, semi-custom, full-custom.

    Simple customization is the standard number of production, with little change in style to meet the enterprise in small quantities, clothing size is not changing.

    Semi-custom is in the standard version of the simple sets of code (also known as sets of numbers or registering), which according to the size of the length of the individual garment parts of addition and subtraction, girth is not moving. At present, most of the wear and couture are such production methods.

    Full customization is entirely in accordance with customer requirements or customer independent design, to the amount of size, to match the exclusive version with proprietary technology, single-piece production. That is one person, one version, a clothing section, a first-class.

    There used to wear clothes on the line, and now consumers seeking quality color, taste, fashion, personality, clothing, size, style, with requirements consistent with their status; and each consumer height, weight, fat, thin, skeleton, body proportions, bust, waist, hip are not the same. The traditional standard shapes, simple set of code, and the style, fabric has been unable to meet the individual needs of consumers. The era of consumer sovereignty, will disappear completely passive consumption, to become full-custom clothing and fashion trends.

    Currently, we can achieve full-custom clothing in two ways, namely manual full-custom and full-custom industrialization.

    That small hand full custom tailors custom, by the amount of body experience the tailor, tailoring and processing.